Imber of new aeon.

She disdains to be a shadow

Cause she knows her vibrant heart

The world turned on her

And every drop of the tears

Was a sigil of her struggle

She was enough

But took so long to believe

Chasing a feeling

But it was a mirage in the end

Fantasy world collapsed

When the true face of the world unleashed

Knocked out she retracted to herself

But she was a phoenix

Who will rise again

From the ashes that burned her






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A girl with commitment issues. (Part 1)

It was all dark and hazy, the road was clear, surrounded by tall pine trees and a girl in the white dress was running, sweating and constantly looking back and forth. She suddenly stopped to catch her breath and closed her eyes. Ria opened her eyes, it was her third nightmare this week.

“Why I keep seeing the same dream again and again? Why am I running? From what? Who is chasing me? Ponder Ria.

She rebuffed her thoughts and start getting ready for her work. Ria was a young, kind and workaholic girl, living with her cat, Lady Catherine. Solitude was a necessary drug for her so she accepted it with her arms open.

She reached her office around 9 a.m and office timing was 10 a.m to 5 p.m, but it was her routine to reach early and leaving late. Everyone in her office considers her a workaholic bug, whose personal life does not exist. In these five years, she never took any leave to go anywhere or anything. Her personality was mysterious for so many people who hardly make any difference in her life.

She opened her manuscript from her bag and started reading. It was in her routine to read and then finish the advance work of her office. To an editor of a publishing house, it was very important for her to be always forward in her work. She was the dreamer, believer and above all loner. Loneliness was not her weakness indeed it was her strongest quality.

“There you are early bird….”

How come you manage to wake up so early?” asked Naina, her close friend, colleague and cheerleader. She was the only person who was allowed to embark Ria’s personal space. She was occasionally a weekend partner of her and sometimes babysitter of her cat.

“Why you ask the same question again and again? I don’t get why it bothers you”, said Ria.

She hates people asking about their routine. It was not the only thing she was particular about. She was against attachments. She wanted to be as free as bird, without any strings, floating to the sun, free and happy. People described her as a reserved person, who is enormously cold and will rip you apart if don’t meet your deadlines. She lives with her cat in her big apartment with a huge library and a garden. She came to the city to fulfil her dreams. She always wanted to be a writer who can touch a million lives but in the process of her struggle, she lost her dreams in the crowd. Although, she loves her job and it’s not bad to be surrounded by fresh stories every day. She was content that now she can at least fulfil other’s dream to become a writer.

Her life revolves around her work, coming early to the office and leaving late. It is obvious that one needs to be dedicated for their work in order to excel but making your work your life is totally next level. Her only friend Naina was always concerned about her. They met when they both were struggling, trying to understand this world a little bit more. At first, they didn’t like each other obviously because of Ria’s aloofness but once they started getting along it was a connection for the lifetime.

“Did you called people for the interview?” asked Ria.

No, I forgot to do that.

Are you crazy? We need a new literary agent. We want some fresh stories and the board has no problem adding new people. I need to confirm them by tomorrow.

“I will do it today”.


She wanted some fresh inputs in the company and new stories. She was tired of same clichéd stories and wanted to explore more, read more but in reality, she wanted to run from her loneliness more. More and more where she can’t even feel it, can’t see it. Increasing her work was her best remedy to escape the reality of her life.


Two days later they hired a new literary agent but his interview was not over yet. The board trusted Ria more than anything so she has some special privileges. It was very important for her to choose people at her workplace personally. Anyone who is not good enough for her is not good enough for the organization. She detested people who are lazy and incompetent. As work was everything for her so she treated it like her own child.

She was reading a manuscript as usual and heard a knock on the door. She turned around and told to come in.

“Hey! Please take your seat,” she said.

“Hello, I am Junaid. I was told by Mr Majumdar that you wanted to meet me before my joining,” said the guy with the towering physique with the well-sculpted body. His face was covered with a brown-coloured beard and his rough locks were tied backwards. His wrist was covered with the bracelets and bands.

“Yes. It’s very crucial for me to be sure of people who are going to work with me”.

“Don’t you trust your board? If they hired me there must be something. I have worked with many companies but this is a completely new experience for me but let it just asks whatever you want to know.”

“I am not interested in knowing how much work you have done in the past. The only thing that concerns me is how you work, what is your work ethics and how will you measure your productivity. I am assured that you are the best in your field but I want you to know my working paradigm so that it can help you to adjust to mine.”

“Well that sounds little arrogant and I believe that everyone should have their creative freedom so that they can bring out something worthwhile. Don’t you think?

“My apologies if I hurt you in any way and I understand your point but my only concern is that I want to see the company on the finest position and that could not be achieved if the whole team is not working in the harmony.”

I sympathize with your concern ma’am but you got to trust people because that’s how it works. Everyone here is working hard and you cannot question that but if you have any doubt we can always discuss. The world is like this way you have to be vulnerable and trust people because you cannot do everything.”

“I don’t want to argue over that but I liked how strongly you kept your opinions in front of me. I like people who have their own mind and are not scared to argue for it compared to those who just say yes to everything I say.”

“Well I am glad that you appreciated it but the point of difference is very important for the growth and it also allows you to explore some new ideas and opinions.”

“Welcome to the team”, she said smilingly and extended her hand to propose a handshake.

Compared to her he was very unconventional. He was weird at least for her. She liked the idea of being a free bird but never actually dared to live like that. Her issues were deep-seated from her childhood but she never cared to resolve them. She was a complete paradox in nature.

More than that

If you think

I am a girl with just a pretty face

A showpiece in white lace

Then my friend

I am more than that

If you think

I will take all your disgrace

And love you with an embrace

Then my friend

I am more than that

If you think

I will not run in the race

And will be tangled in your brace

Then my friend

I am more than that

New Morning

If I dream us to life, will you stay with me in the morning?

I know you seemed a bad idea but I want you

The heart could be an irrational child

But love, I want to share every dawn with you

You came to my life like a new morning

If I write your name on a paper, if I place your pulse on my heart, can I keep you as my own?

I know I accidentally loved you

Love could be a tricky game

But love my heart revolts when I’m not with you

You came to my life like a new morning


Life is a masquerade!!

Sometimes I feel that the life is a masquerade party where people come with their beautiful masks, pretty dresses and brightest smiles to camouflage their deepest insecurities. It’s hard to be vulnerable, to be raw and we try we get hurt. Trusting someone completely is a new luxury which we often cannot afford.

We choose loneliness over people because we are running from self but ultimately spending most of our time with ourselves.

When you are in the abysmal of the chaos only your own hand can pull you up no one else. We have stopped believing others. I am not saying we should believe each and every one but closing our heart will only make things worse.

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Why Kylie Jenner is the self-made youngest billionaire?

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire of the world and we are viewing mixed reactions. To be honest, I never liked or cared about Kardashians and I never understood why people are crazy about them but when I saw the news about Kylie suddenly I got interested in her. The thing that drew my attention was how she could be a self-made billionaire as she comes from an affluent family.

I already knew she runs a cosmetic company but needed more information to satisfy my quench for the answer so I started reading about her found that her company is owned 100 per cent by her. She doesn’t have any partner and a few staff members.

When Kylie cosmetic first came to the market it was sold off within a minute. Now coming to the point why she is self-made? Well we have a common idea of self-made and that is a person who rises from poverty without anyone’s aid but according to Forbes, a self-made person is that who establish the empire on their own. So according to the common definition, she is not a self-made but technically she is.  I think the world has a lot of things to focus on such as climate change, terrorism, poverty, etc and focusing on her will not help.



When I look myself

In the mirror

I no longer see myself ruined

Scars once engraved in my soul

Erased by the gentle brush of bliss

And I feel beautiful

Finding peace of the mind

Was an endless war

And kept me awake all night

The company of my thoughts

Was a cage

The beauty of the silence

Turned my world

And I feel beautiful


My heart was a flower-bed

Covered with lovely emotions

Love, trust and kindness

And soon they began to overpower

Flooding with all those feelings

I suppressed, suppressed, suppressed

Suppressed so hard

Now I don’t feel anything

Sometimes I do

But that’s a trick of my mind, I guess

I don’t feel any more

I was happy with this new me

Thought I am the strongest

And my numbness is my shield

Against all disappointment and displeasure

I suppressed, suppressed, suppressed

Suppressed so hard

Now I don’t feel anything

But they say our hearts are a wild creature

That’s why our ribs have cages

And it feels nothing and everything

At the same

These feelings fight to come out sometimes

Like an untamed beast, But

I still suppress, I suppress, I suppress







People, People, People

Who are they?

How are they?

What they do?

They are same

They are different

They say they understand you

But they don’t

They say they love you

But they don’t

They say they care for you

But they don’t

They really don’t

You build your castle of hope

Tricking yourself

But in the end

It’s all a lie

But your heart is a stubborn child

Wants to believe the impossible

Craving for the true love

That hardly exists

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