The dissonance of #metoo movement

#metoo movement is an irreconcilable issue because on one side it’s proffering a chance for women who have faced any kind of sexual harassment in their life and on the other side it getting so hard to believe each and every allegation. We all know society is not easy for women, especially for those who speak about these things openly.

Some people are questioning these women that why they are speaking about misconduct now, why not before. Well, the most common possibility is that they were afraid(It’s a no-brainer) that nobody would have believed them, or maybe speaking against any influential person can backfire. People who are blaming these women should know that society has not given us that much freedom to express ourselves so freely( Thanks to Patriarchy). The reason for not speaking earlier could be very personal(And I personally think that the devil should be nibbed in the bud) but that doesn’t matter that these women don’t deserve justice.

We cannot deny that some women might be taking the advantage of the situation but that’s a completely different case and it should be resolved soon so that no innocent person could be defamed but the cases which are real should be thoroughly investigated so that we can create a safe and healthy environment for our women.


The Last Piece

She loves too much and shows too little

But aware we don’t belong anywhere

Without each other

Reading the unfinished novels you left behind

Turning the pages as if they’re fragile glass

Scared to lose your last words

Walking in the secret garden

In the search of serenity

Fleeing from the shadow

Haunting each corridor of the soul 

And looking up in the sky

For the answer!


Emotions in Motion

I am not a great confronter of emotions. I have always tried to escape my feelings as much as possible. I never paid enough attention to this aspect of my personality but when I was in my dark days, I got a lot of time to think about every possible thing a human can think of. I was too afraid to test people despite knowing that they are going to deceive me. The fear of facing the truth was on peak and I was very weak to face it.


And slowly and gradually it became my habit, a very strong habit which cannot be broken easily. I was enjoying myself thinking I am emotionless and no one can hurt me but the reality was far from my delusion.

Is it possible to not feel anything and still feel everything so deeply? Maybe I am not making sense but I am just expressing what I feel and I think it’s a healthy thing.

As time passes, I realized that emotions are so important to live. You can’t be emotionless. Emotions drive passion in you and when you face your emotions without judging them and outgrow them, you change and sometimes a lot.



She grabbed her guitar and rolled her hair up

Her fingers hit the strings

And music begins to flow through her veins

Million stars bursts in her eyes

And melody clenched her hand tight

Her legs beat the floor

As she moves like a cascade

And Symphony sheath the abode

Disconnecting the world

To escape in the world of her own

A place cannot be snatched

An absymal bliss

Classroom diaries (Part 1)

The bell rings and the first day of the class started, Maya and Riddhi settled down to their seats and Rohan was sitting behind them. These three were childhood friends and very close to each other, and almost shared their life together.

“Yes guys, we are finally in 9th grade. How you both feel about it?” asked Rohan. He was tall, fair, slim guy with a black hair and breezy eyes.

“ The only thing that matters to me is that you two are with me and I wish we will be like this forever,” said Ridhi, a girl with a long brown hair, dusky complexion, tall and kind eyes.

“ I am trying not to cry. Oh !you drama queens” said Maya, a girl with light brown medium length hair, fair complexioned, average height with a unbeatable confidence on her face.

Maya lives with her mother, her father left her and her mother when she was six years old and since childhood, Rohan and Riddhi were her best friends, though she shares a very special bond with her friend Riddhi, they were like soul- sisters.

Riddhi lives with her parents and a younger brother who was eleven years old. She was shy, peaceful, polite and kind and Maya was the complete opposite she was loud, bold, reckless and strong. She was the powerhouse of the group, full of energy and smartness. Rohan was cheerful, funny, supportive, intelligent and a little bit corny. He loved both of his friends unconditionally and always keep them happy. There was something special between these three. The new session started and each and every student was excited.


“Let’s have party guys! Afterall we are about to start a new life and I guess it’s a great opportunity”, said Rohan.

“Yeah, you seem to be more excited than anyone else… Can I ask why? Oh yes so that you can bury your damn face in those fat ass books”, said Maya teasing Rohan.

“No Maya! He just wants us to have some good time” said Riddhi, defending Rohan.

It was a daily ritual in their life, Maya always teases Rohan for no apparent reason and Riddhi was there like an angel to protect him from Maya’s sharp sarcasm.

The eternal cycle

The moment the child is born, you think is the beginning of its life and the moment an old man dies, you think is the end of his life. If you look deeper into this concept then you will find that life is far bigger than birth and death.

Birth and death are not two ends of life; many births and deaths happen within life.

Life itself has no beginning, no end; life and eternity are equivalent. Life begins at the point of your past life’s death.

When you die, on the one side one chapter of life, which people think was your whole life is closed. It was only a chapter in a book which has infinite chapters. One chapter closes, but the book is not closed. Just turn the page and another chapter begins. The person dying starts visualizing his next life. This is a known fact because it happens before the chapter closes.

The dying man to see the whole of it before he moves on further, just to recollect it because the body is going this mind is not going to be with him, this brain is not going to be with him. But the desire released from this mind will cling to his soul and this desire will decide his future. Your new life will be determined by the last moment of your death. Whatever you have bought with you is like seed and it will become a tree.

I don’t know how they do it

I have an immense love for people and I can’t help it even though they mistreated me. My heart manages to convince me that it is good in everyone or they are doing it because of their emotions or maybe they don’t know themselves. I am audacious enough to accept that I am a very non-judgemental person which always cause me trouble.

I used to think that if I am nice, think good about people they will also tune in to the same frequency but it was the lie I was telling myself for a long time.

Earlier kindness was good, I used to feel good about myself but now giving is exhausting. Doing anything for people who don’t vibe on my level is tiring and I feel miserable.

It took me so much time to finally convince my mind that people could be bad regardless of your behaviour with them.

Honestly, I took my moral science classes too seriously and acted naively but it is rightly said that your intuition is your best gift and when my spirit start communicating with me I found everything is not good and I should not take everything on face value.

It was almost impossible for me to understand how someone could be ungrateful, selfish, cunning with good people. I am not preaching that I am good and others are bad, it’s just that my core belief proved wrong and I am annoyed.

A thousand splendid suns…

A thousand splendid suns by an Afghani-American writer Khaled Hosseini is a beautiful saga of a woman named Mariam. The story has a background of Afghanistan, focusing on the continuous trial and tabulation people have faced there. From the Soviet’s menace to the emergence of the Taliban, everything has been expressed so beautifully in this book. Besides, country political and social condition, the story of a two woman, Mariam and Laila is a central attraction of the book.

I used to think that every woman faces different problems and situations but after reading this amazing story I can frankly say that we women face a lot of challenges at every stage of our life.

It is rightly said, “Privilege is when something is not bothering you on the personal level”  and it totally fit when we talk about the issues women face around the globe. At first, I thought that Mariam is a weak lady who cannot think about herself and cannot do anything for herself but as the story moves forward I realised that she is the strongest of them all. She is the embodiment of courage, love, sacrifice and compassion. On the other hand, Laila is rebellious, smart, courageous and outspoken. The two are a perfect blend and come across as a wonderful team. A love story of Laila and Tariq is so tragic yet magical. The time and circumstances tested them even separated them but they never truly stopped looking for each other and in the end, their love endured. Here are some quotes from the book.

“A man’s heart is a wretched, wretched thing. It isn’t like a mother’s womb. It won’t bleed. It won’t stretch to make room for you.”

“Learn this now and learn it well. Like a compass facing north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. You remember that, Mariam.”

“You see, some things I can teach you. Some you learn from books. But there are things that, well, you have to see and feel.”

“yet love can move people to act in unexpected ways and move them to overcome the most daunting obstacles with startling heroism”.


I realised the deepness of the darkness 

When the candle and the matchbox was right beside me

But the desire to light it was gone


I realised the deepness of the darkness

When the sunshine was just a window away

But feet was too jammed to move


I realised the deepness of the darkness

When the arc of the smile was a second away

But lips were too rigid to play along


I realised the deepness of the darkness

When the world welcomed me with an open arm

But turned my face away from the possible bliss

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